El Tequila
La bebida
Tequila is proudly a Mexican spirits produced by fermenting and distilling agave sugar, but only from the blue tequilana Weber variety of agave. The cultivation of this plant plus the production and bottling of tequila has a “Denomination of Origin” promoted by the Mexican government that protects and guarantees the authenticity of products bearing the name “Tequila”.

How is it produced?

The blue tequilana Weber variety of agave is the raw product for making tequila. It is grown in protected areas of the states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Nayarit and Tamaulipas. Agaves take approximately 7 years to ripen after being planted.

The Harvest
Harvesters known as “jimadores” cut off the agave leaves with a kind of hoe called a “coa”, following the same ancestral practice that has been passed down from fathers to sons for generations. Once the leaves have been cut off, the agave heart resembling a pineapple is exposed and pulled out of the earth.

The agave hearts are placed in traditional stone ovens or in stainless steel autoclaves where high temperature steam turns the agave carbohydrates into sugar ready for fermentation. This process can last from 8 to 72 hours, depending on the kind of oven used.

La Bebida
La Bebida

The cooked agave hearts are placed inside specially manufactured mills to extract the agave juice holding all the richness of its sugar. During this stage other natural sugars may be added when the tequila is “mixed”. 100% agave tequila uses only agave sugar and may not contain any other kind.

The natural sugars become alcohol via the natural action of yeast. During this stage a good part of the flavor and distinctive features that the tequila will have are defined. The fermentation process generally takes between 24 and 72 hours.

Tequila is usually made with double distillation and in some cases triple. The first distillation produces tequila with around 40 proof alcohol; the second, commonly called rectification, allows the tequila to reach the desired proof. A silver, crystalline transparent tequila is produced by this process.

There are several varieties of tequila: aged, extra aged and premium aged. Tequila is stored in white oak casks to give it color and a distinctive wood nose. Each tequila variety requires a different aging time in a cask before it will be ready to be bottled and marketed.

Nuestro Sabor
Nuestro Sabor
Made with the best agaves in our fields, harvested at the exact and proper time.
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Imagenes y Tradiciones
We invite you to this photographic journey through centuries of tradition.