Our History

tradition and experience

The history of this noble company is one of struggle, dedication and love for the traditional Mexican drink par excellence.

Its origins date back to the year 1940., with Don Enrique Guillermo Newton who begins to market tequila under the name “Supreme and unique special tequila”.

In 1943, with the birth of Mr. Federico Ernesto Newton, a family generation interested in resuming the course of his father's company arose.

During the 80's, the company had prestige in the tequila world, with imminent growth.

In 1989, the company name was officially consolidated “Tequilera Newton e Hijos SA de CV”, which continues with 4 generations of tradition that seek to conquer society with a good tequila. In 1991 the construction of the current Santa Lucia Distillery began, which was completed in 1994.

In the year 2002 the brand of tequila El Destilador 100% agave was born in an incipient way, which is currently the most profitable product of the company, and in parallel, another of the flagship brands was also born, tequila La Puerta Negra.

Federico Ernesto and his wife Doña Graciela Francisca decide to delegate the control of the family business to two of their other children at the end of 2009, Lic. Carlos Enrique and Lic. Graciela María Guadalupe. This duo allowed to gradually pass all the operations of the old family business "Tequilera Newton e Hijos, S.A de C.V." to the new company “Corporativo Destilería Santa Lucia, S.A. of C.V.

Shortly after delegating the command of the tequila company to his two sons, the family dressed in mourning when the patriarch of the family, Don Federico Ernesto, passed away on June 17, 2010.

As a result of the delegation of the command of the company to Carlos Enrique and Graciela María Guadalupe, the beginning of a new era for the family business is generated as a result, within which there are significant changes in the growth of the different business units, “Corporate Distillery Santa Lucia, S.A. de C.V.” is currently a modern and efficient factory that It is certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) as well as the Official Mexican Standard (NOM)., where exceptional quality tequilas are produced but with the authentic traditional flavor, using new technology production methods and tools, as well as strict quality controls on the product, but with deep respect for the traditional method (use of ovens masonry) and the original recipe to make tequila as it was formerly produced by its founder Don Enrique Guillermo Newton Alexanderson.

Currently the company has national and international presence counting on a diversity of tequilas 100% agave, mixed and tequila liquors.

The Process

The riches of our legacy